meditation hall

Photo by Alfred Marseille

If you are a teacher of meditation, yoga, tai chi, chi kung, or any similar discipline, we would love to speak to you about the possibility of bringing a group of your students here.

Also if you teach painting, drawing, sculpture, writing, singing, or any other artform, we are equipped to help you.

We can usually accommodate up to 15 people comfortably indoors, and many more in the summertime when people can camp outside. We have a fully-equipped kitchen especially for groups, and large tables both inside and outside where we can serve meals.

There is a large zendo (meditation hall), which can of course be used for any kind of meditation, therapy, or gentle exercise. We ourselves practice Soto Zen meditation, but we are very open to other groups being able to use our facilities. The only stipulation for the kinds of activities we allow in the zendo is that they are not too noisy.

Square at Les Gavatxes

Photo by Alfred Marseille.

There is a great deal of space outside, and some nice shady spots, which can be used for yoga or similar activities.

We have an art studio, and also a covered structure in the forest which is ideal for painting, drawing, or sculpture.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and ask about bringing your group here to Les Gavatxes. We will endeavour to make sure that your retreat or course is a great success!

Michel Dubois Sensei Retreat 2016