Stone Carving Course April 28th – May 2nd 2017

This course is open to all levels and tutoring will be tailored to each student’s needs. Beginners will be shown how to prepare for a project and how to use the tools and work with the stone to realise their ideas. They will have a choice of a fairly soft white alabaster or a limestone.

More experienced students can discuss their projects with the teacher and other resident artists to expand on their usual techniques and broaden their technical skill and inspiration.  They can ask for help or advice when needed or just use the space to work in peace.

Your teacher

Natalie has been carving stone since 2003 and sculpting professionally since 1994. Her work can be seen in various films and she has been commissioned to make stone sculptures in France, Russia and the UK.

Your teacher, Natalie Staniforth

“I really enjoy teaching sculpture and carving, I find discussing ideas with students so inspiring, teaching is really a two way street. I will also be working onsite so students can watch how I work or ask for more direct help.

The first day will start with a demonstration on tools and techniques, making a quick maquette, and discussion on what students would like to achieve. After that your time is your own and I will be there as and when you need me.”

Some tools can be borrowed from us, but if students require a set of professional tools to start work with we recommend this starter kit from Tiranti´s or similar.

Sculpture by Natalie Staniforth in alabaster

Sculpture by Natalie Staniforth in alabaster

The price of accommodation (full board) at Les Gavatxes is €45 per person per night all inclusive, this is of course in addition to the €30 per day teaching and materials cost.

Any questions can be directed to regarding accommodation and Natalie regarding sculpture and carving.

We can’t wait to get started!!

Sculpture by Natalie Staniforth in limestone

Sculpture by Natalie Staniforth in limestone


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