About Us

Les Gavatxes

The estate (56 hectares) mostly consists of forest, meadows, and two rivers. It includes a farmhouse where the two owners live. The Cabaña, a large barn, has been converted into a stylish meditation room on the ground floor with two apartments above. There are several summerhouses, a spacious two-room apartment on the side of the farmhouse and further away, a spacious cabin. Lovers of camping can also visit. The rooms are simple, comfortable and lovingly built and furnished. In the woods there is a ruin of a castle from the 12th century. Wander there takes you centuries back in time and naturally stimulates your imagination. You will also have, in addition to the peace and tranquility that you find for yourself, the opportunity to meet with the locals and fellow guests. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables together under the mulberry tree is a celebration of life.

Les Gavatxes offers the opportunity to meditate individually or in groups, to work or to participate in one of the workshops. Alone or together you can enjoy peace; space and nature give you zest – here you can make your break into a still space within your busy agenda. The timelessness of the mountains does something to you. The inner and outer worlds tune in to each other. That is the starting point for our range of retreats and workshops.