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Qigong April 2019

Photos from the Qigong Retreat, April 2019

The retreat during the Easter holiday was a great success, and all the participants said they enjoyed it very much....

Buddha statue from above

Photos from the Zen/Work Retreat in June 2018

A few photos from the Balfolk En Gavatxes event

We want to share a few moments: making square tambourines, dancing with ‘FOLQUÉ?’, and the music of ‘DOS’. We want...

Photos from the Intensive: “Back to Nature”, 2018

So… we finally got some snow! :)

January 2018

Autumn around the Les Gavatxes area

Photos from the Vipassana Retreat

The participants could explore their own patterns and their ways of reacting, and to be aware how everything is impermanent....

Photos from the Zen Retreat, July 2017

Thanks to Marrie van der Leden for the photos.

Spring 2017 at Les Gavatxes

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