(English) One to One Creative Writing Classes


Ho sentim, aquesta entrada es troba disponible únicament en Anglès Americà i Neerlandès.

After the success of the ‘Sitting On A Word’ writing week, Corrie Koppedraijer has decided to make herself available for one-to-one personalised writing classes.

This means you get the undivided attention of a published writer for a five days, and she can give you all the coaching you need to take your creative writing to the next level. The classes will take place here at Les Gavatxes, a beautifully inspiring natural environment in which to write, and as free of distractions as is possible to get. the training will be 5 days. This environment affords you a level of concentration, pleasure and rest that you will greatly appreciate as a writer.

If you are interested, please contact us at info@lesgavatxes.es


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