(English) Accommodation

Ho sentim, aquesta entrada es troba disponible únicament en Anglès Americà, Neerlandès i Espanyol Europeu.

The accommodation options are diverse. It may be difficult to choose before you get here, Please contact us by e-mail or telephone before you book. You can choose a comfortable stay or one that’s easier on your pocket, for a shorter or longer period, individually, or with a group, whether you eat with us or opt for self-catering. Alignment of needs and capabilities between guests and residents is a creative process, and as far as possible the required space is created for both visitors and residents. The cost for the stay will depend on the choice you make. All accommodation has a Wifi internet connection.

In the Cabaña above the meditation room are two luxury one-room apartments, suitable for 1 or 2 people . Simply and tastefully decorated.
Price: 350 Euros per week, including. bedding, and a cleaning fee of 20 Euros per rental.

The log cabin is very quiet and has a view over the Salarsa Valley, and is ideal if you really want to be in nature- and silence. It has 4 bedrooms and is suitable for max. 7 people. Large kitchen, of 25 m2 and a large bathroom.

Price: 550 Euros per week, including bed linen, and a cleaning fee of 35 Euros per rental.

This two-room apartment, has a large living space and also includes 3 beds, In addition to a separate bedroom for 2 people plus a spacious bathroom. Suitable for max. 5 people.

Price: 450 Euros per week, including wifi internet connection and bedding, and a cleaning fee of 30 Euros per rental.

A cosy log cabin with bathroom and cooking facilities.

Price: 400 Euros per week, including. bedding. Cleaning fee 20 Euros per rental.

There is a camping area in front of the main house, equipped with running water, shower and toilet.

Price: 10 Euro per person per night plus 5 Euros per tent per night.


Your booking will be confirmed once you pay a deposit of half the total amount for your stay to the following bank account:  NL24 TRIO 0197 8927 01 TNV.  Kshanti Foundation.