A Taste of Stillness II

Vipassana Retreat in the Spanish Pyrenees from Wednesday 26th July to Tuesday 1st August 2017

In the summer landscape of the Les Gavatxes estate, we train the mind to perceive with clear attention. For five full days you will practice silently with a gentle attention on the present moment. You will discover your patterns and ways of reacting and how everything is impermanent.

The daily routine consists of sitting and walking meditations in the tradition of Vipassana. The day starts with chi kung exercises, there is work, and in the evening, meditation and a Dhamma talk (Buddhist reading).

We eat together in silence and you will have a daily brief counseling interview. The retreat is suitable for people who have already been following a mindfulness meditation training or practice. During the retreat we practice “the five precepts”.

About the facilitators: Hayo Huizinga and Chris Grijns both have a background in Vipassana (insight meditation) since 1996. Chris Grijns is a mindfulness trainer and practices chi kung. Hayo Huizinga is an artist and offers meditation guidance in the Sufi tradition.

Accommodation: We are guests of Corrie Koppedraijer and Loet de Wolf on their estate Les Gavatxes. We stay two or three people sharing one of the beautiful apartments. There is also room for campers. See www.lesgavatxes.es for more details.

The residential package includes six nights in a shared room, 6 x breakfast, 6 x lunch, 6 x dinner including water, tea and coffee throughout the day. It is delicious vegetarian food specially cooked for us.

The cost of the residential package comes to €425. If you prefer to camp there is a discount.

Not included are the costs of facilitation, extra drinks, insurance and travel expenses. The flight from Amsterdam to Barcelona Girona costs around €220, plus traveling expenses to and from Les Gavatxes.

Teaching costs: The guidance takes place according to the Buddhist principle of dana.

Dana means generosity and you can practice this by making a donation to the supervisors.

Start and finish

The retreat starts Wednesday, July 26 at 16.00 and we break the silence Monday, July 31 in the afternoon. You are welcome from Wednesday the 26th at 10:00am. On Tuesday, August 1, we pack up and travel back. The retreat will go ahead if we have at least five participants.
How to get there? You can fly to Barcelona or Girona. And from there you can travel by bus to Olot and Castellfollit de la Roca. You can arrange with us in advance as to whether we come as a group from the airport or whether you take a taxi from Castellfollit.

For travel details: https://lesgavatxes.es/contact-location/

The trip: You organize your trip yourself, but if you wish you can book to come with Hayo on July 26th on the 10:10 Vueling flight from Amsterdam to Barcelona. Return from Barcelona is on August 1st at 18:40.

Preparation: To prepare, you should firstly have a telephone interview with Chris Grijns in June.

Please fill in the details of your trip on the registration form. For more details about the accommodation you can send an email to Corrie: info@lesgavatxes.es.

Registration and payment: You enroll through www.mindfulwerken.nl, and a registration form will be sent and later practical details.

You are registered once you pay the non-refundable deposit of 50% (€210) to the following account:

NL24 TRIO 0197 8927 01 to the Kshanti Foundation, Beget, including your name and the retreat date.

You can pay via PayPal using your PayPal account or a credit card here:

Hope to see you soon!

Chris Grijns: 06 23242364 and Hayo Huizinga: 06 41 343 474.

Chris Grijns
Hayo Huizinga


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