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Catch your breath between two valleys
Discover yourself again
On a beautiful estate



In open and expansive nature
Giving you the perfect opportunity
To rest and recharge.

zendo meditation


Alone or with others
Re-evaluate yourself
In a meditation space


hiking, painting, daydreaming
make something delicious
or sing from your soul

working in the garden


Rooting in the earth with your hands
Enjoy searching for herbs
And harvesting vegetables

log cabin


the simplicity of a summerhouse
treat yourself to a luxury apartment
or relax comfortably in your tent

Painting Week


Do something you always dreamed of
Or discover a new part of yourself
With our experienced facilitators

Right here in the Alta Garrotxa, a protected area in the Catalan Pyrenees, surrounded by rugged hills, forests, sparkling waters, and cows in flowery meadows, is the estate of Les Gavatxes. An excellent place to stay! One of the few places in Europe barely touched by the world of today. For a short or longer stay at Les Gavatxes you can leave your hectic life behind. Allow space and tranquility to take you, and let you come back to yourself. Your head slows down and your heart opens.
“Let your mind and your heart express themselves in peace,” is our motto for life at Les Gavatxes. In the silence and the vastness of the nature reserve is a different sense of time and rhythm. The seasons and weather are guides for your actions. Walk, meditate, relax, rooting in the soil, pruning rose bushes or chopping wood; everyone will come to feel a new zest for life.

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Weekend Meditation Retreats 2018

Continuing our series of meditation retreats at Les Gavatxes, taking place the first weekend of each month – the next...

From Our Instagram Feed: Our current favourite book here at Les Gavatxes.

From Our Instagram Feed: Our current favourite book here at Les Gavatxes.

Kshanti Instagram.

From Our Instagram Feed: Look into the flower..

From Our Instagram Feed: Look into the flower..

Kshanti Instagram.

So… we finally got some snow! :)

January 2018

Intensive: “Back to Nature”, 21st – 26th May 2018

Under the direction of Marieke Mosk and Jon Marrée An intensive for those who want renewal in their lives. Insight,...

Painting Week

Painting and Drawing Week, August 2018

At the Les Gavatxes estate in the eastern Spanish Pyrenees; in a beautiful and peaceful nature reserve near Olot. Dates:...

(Nederlands) Individuele Schrijf-retraite

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in...

Zen week led by Jacky Demmers Sensei

Jacky Demmers Sensei will lead the annual Zen/Work retreat from Saturday June 16th (19:00 pm) to Saturday June 23rd (12:00...

Happy New Year 2018 from all at Les Gavatxes

Happy New Year from all at Les Gavatxes!

Hope to see you in 2018! Painting by Loet de Wolf.

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